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Apple picks up new pregnancy app on iTunes

Atlanta, GA - October 21, 2010


QMJ Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new pregnancy iPhone and iTouch application, Luv Dub. Luv Dub app is designed to keep a personal pregnancy journal and share it through social media networks. Yes, an application to SHARE your Baby’s heartbeat right now with your family and friends. This application allows you to share your notes, photos, videos and your baby’s heartbeat through email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube right in the doctor’s office. This application is now available for .99 cents through iTunes.


The Luv Dub app provides mothers to be with an easy way to keep track of their pregnancy. With no frills,

no ads, no nonsense, Luv Dub is elegantly designed to help pregnant women share the most precious moments of pregnancy.


The new app was developed by Dr. Keshma Saujani, an Ob/Gyn with years of experience as both a doctor and a mother. Luv Dub is designed to help women cherish and share every stage of pregnancy, from conception to birth.


Using Luv Dub is a simple. Expecting mothers simply enter their due date or let the app calculate it, enabling them to do the following:


• Capture thoughts about the baby and overall pregnancy in the ‘notes’ section

• Revisit earlier journal entries using the Luv Dub calendar

• Record and share the baby’s heartbeat (using an attachable doppler*) through social networks

• Share audio, video and photo memories with friends and family via email, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr

• Watch a personal countdown to the due date.


The Luv Dub app is unique in providing expecting mothers with a personal, hands on approach to pregnancy and provides them with a means to share every step with loved ones.